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The easiest way to healthy.

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habit academy

The most comprehensive course for creating healthy habits to help you lose weight, improve fitness, and have more energy and confidence. 

This brand new program is the only step-by-step approach to getting healthy which teaches small habits that deliver huge results along with weekly doses of motivation, mindset tips, accountability, and progress checks. 

ready to end fitness frustration?

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Let's make sure this is a good fit for you.

You are right for The Habit Academy if you have health goals but haven't been permanently successful with strict diets and complicated workout programs.

If you are...

  • a busy parent trying to make time for yourself

  • juggling the demands of a stressful job

  • frustrated with confusing health advice

  • not sure what to try next because of past failures

  • determined to find a permanent fix


You're in the right place!

The Habit Academy

  • Live Zoom coaching sessions each week

  • Daily accountability

  • Personalized meal plan

  • Access to our clients-only app allows you to

    • Track habits, meals, and exercise

    • Receive course content

    • Connect with your coach daily

  • Progressive modules help you...

    • Focus on one habit at a time

    • Address mindset challenges

    • Assess weight loss and progress

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Habits are the key to the results you want.
In the next 12 months, you'll build habits to...

  1. Choose healthier foods in healthier amounts

  2. Stay hydrated and choose drinks that support your health goals

  3. Have a healthier sleep routine and recover from stress

  4. Add healthy movement into your day

  5. Work on mindset and emotions to stay motivated

  6. Have healthier relationships with others, yourself, and the world around you

each module last 1-2 weeks and includes daily tracking, assignments, live coaching sessions, and accountability from your coach.
The course is delivered in our clients-only mobile app.

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