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Fix Stubborn Weight Loss Peacefully: An Interview with Carly Lucchesi, Registered Dietitian

Carly Lucchesi is a Registered Dietitian with over 13 years of experience helping clients lose weight by reducing inflammation and addressing emotional eating patterns. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Carly on my podcast, Begin Within Health, where we discussed her unique approach to peaceful and sustainable weight loss.

In this article, I'll share key insights from our conversation, including:

  • What Carly means by "losing weight peacefully"

  • The difference between "bottom up" and "top down" inflammation

  • Why difficult weight loss can actually be a blessing

  • Actionable steps you can take to embrace the "human experience"

  • Carly's advice for understanding your unique body on a genetic level

"It's Less of An Overeating Problem and More of an Underfeeling Problem"

When I asked Carly to explain what she means by "losing weight peacefully," she said:

"I'm really focused on eliminating or reducing any chronic inflammation that may be derived from either your bottom up sources or your top down sources of inflammation. So it's definitely taking that whole body approach."

Why Difficult Weight Loss Can Be a Blessing

I'll admit, I was skeptical when Carly said weight loss struggles can actually be a "blessing." But her explanation made total sense:

"These challenges will be kind of of a different flavor, but ultimately, sometimes when you really strip down some of the layers, you're working through one common issue...I think weight loss is this super obvious slap in the face challenge that most of us are presented with forces us to evolve."

First Steps to "Embrace the Human Experience"

I asked Carly what first step she recommends clients take to begin losing weight through reducing inflammation. Her answer surprised me in its simplicity:

"I think the most valuable step that seems very stupid and simple but that so many of us just overlook is allowing yourself to be conscious and onto the thoughts that your brain thinks...We just kind of go along with whatever our brain comes up with and we don't really listen to it."

Understand Your Unique Body on a Genetic Level

Finally, I loved Carly's metaphor for understanding genetics:

"I like to think of genetics like a network of gears. And each gene that your body has is like a tooth on the wheel of this gear system...if you have a series of chipped, cracked, missing teeth, that's when you start to have a slowdown."

Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on identifying and reducing chronic inflammation from "bottom up" sources like diet and "top down" sources like thoughts

  • Difficulties losing weight can force positive growth into your best self if embraced consciously

  • Pay attention to your thoughts and consciously choose which ones to believe

  • Get specialized testing done to understand your genetic weaknesses, then customize your nutrition and lifestyle plan to support those areas

  • Your body wants to function optimally - set it up for success!

Ready to start your journey to peaceful weight loss? Get Carly's free course at to begin reducing inflammation from the inside out.

I hope this overview of my enlightening conversation with Carly gives you fresh inspiration to achieve your health goals! Wishing you clarity, self-awareness, and compassion on your wellness journey ahead.

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