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30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Begin Within Fitness, we’re fully committed to your success!

Our promise to you is simple: follow your program as it is designed and intended to deliver you the best results possible. We guarantee you’ll look and feel better within the first 30 days of working with us, or we’ll refund your investment in our program.

The relationship between you (our client) and us (your coaches) is a partnership. Only through working together can the mutually beneficial goal (your results) be best achieved.

Our commitment to you:

We will provide

  1. A nutrition guide

  2. Step-by-step education

  3. A platform (our app) for tracking your meals, workouts, and habits. 

  4. Live coaching sessions each week as well as support through messaging.​

Based on our commitment to you, we require the following from you:

  1. Utilize your Nutrition Guide when selecting foods and determining how much to eat.

  2. Watch/read/listen to the content that we've prepared for you and which will be delivered to you in your Begin Within app and complete the written assignments provided.

  3. Complete your daily Academy Habit as instructed in your app and mark it as complete.

  4. Communicate with your coach- respond to app messages, record your weekly progress as directed, and attend at least one live Zoom coaching session each month (contact your coach if sessions don't match your availability).

During the first 30 days of your program, if you can honestly say you followed all four of the requirements (and show your work within your app account) and do not look or feel better than you did before you started working with us, we will refund your entire package investment. Contact your coach or for questions about this policy or to request your refund. 

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