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Morning Routine Hacks for Anti-Morning People

How you begin your morning sets the tone for the day. Do you have a consistent, self-development-focused daily routine? Or are you rushing to get the kids to school, haphazardly styling your hair as you run out the door with a spilling cup of coffee? Are you running the day or is the day running you? If you are feeling frazzled as you read these questions, no worries! Let’s get you started on adding a bit of purpose to your morning, as this will set the tone for your day. This is especially important for all of us non-morning people out there, so read on!

Do you do anything for yourself in the morning, or are you merely doing the necessary tasks? I’m not talking breakfast, showering, or pouring a cup o’ joe for yourself. This is a specific action you are purposely taking in order to better yourself. Better yet, are you doing something for yourself in the morning that is ONLY for you? Here is step one! Grab a pen and paper or your notes app in your phone, and write down at least TEN things you love doing for yourself. It could be meditation, journaling, going for a walk, reading, really anything classified as positive and beneficial for yourself that you absolutely enjoy.

Step two! Take a look at the list. Choose your favorite. Now let’s move on.

For step three, you are going to create a plan. It does not necessarily have to be something you write down, but for some it may be helpful to do so. Determine if you need anything for this activity (ex. a new book for reading, digging out your weights for exercising, etc). What time will you be performing this routine each morning? Write down as much as you need to determine exactly what you will do.

Step four! Find your happy place. Determine where this activity will take place during your morning routine. If you are able to find a peaceful place that is meant solely for this activity, even better.

Step five. Set the scene. Diffuse your essential oils. Grab a cup of coffee. Roll out your yoga mat. Do whatever you need to set the scene and make it special and meaningful.

Step six. Create options for low, moderate, and high motivation for this practice. This way, you are creating no room for excuses on days you feel less motivated while still increasing your self-discipline. For example, if exercise was the routine, you would determine three levels of adherence. Level one could be a ten minute lower intensity workout, level two might be a moderate thirty minute exercise session, and level three could be a full on strength training session with extra time for recovery at the end. Making time for doing what you love can bring fulfillment and meaning to your life while still setting standards. And you might find that setting the scene and beginning a level one option on a low-motivation day may turn into level three once you are in the habit of adhering to a routine!

Step seven: eat, sleep, repeat. Not exactly literally in this sense, but do this routine every day, as long as you see fit or it makes sense. You may find yourself wanting to add an additional habit or two to the original routine you created. And that is totally okay! There is not a necessarily right or wrong way to go about this. Find what works for you, try it, and change it as needed.

The Takeaway

I hope you found this information to be helpful in making your mornings more productive and powerful. So much of our lives are influenced by the seemingly small actions we repeat day after day. I am issuing you a challenge - take these tips and implement them for three weeks - a whole 21 days. And see what type of positive transformation takes place in your life. I am confident you will find more joy and productivity in your life. So let us know below: what routine will you be adding to your mornings?


Jessica Corkin is a certified personal trainer at Begin Within. She holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and has spent the last seven years working in the fitness and wellness industry. When she is not virtually training clients, she enjoys strength training, running, being outdoors, and spending quality time with her husband and dog.

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