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My 3 Fixes for Foolproof Fitness

By Nate Sleger

Improving fitness and health often feels daunting and complicated. When we try diets and workout programs, they rarely create lasting change because they don't address our core motivations and habitual behaviors.

Through my work as a health coach, I've developed an approach to lifestyle change focused on making it easy, building healthy habits, and cultivating a growth mindset. Here are my 3 fixes for "foolproof" fitness:

Fix #1: Make It Easy

When trying to get healthier, we often attempt giant changes all at once. But maintaining high motivation is difficult long-term. When motivation dips, we slip up and quit.

Instead of major leaps, I advise small, gradual steps towards healthier habits. Things like taking a short walk, adding veggies to a meal, or swapping soda for seltzer.

According to habit expert BJ Fogg, if you want consistency, make the habit easy to do, especially when motivation is low.

Aim to slowly shift along the "healthy spectrum" - choosing slightly healthier options than your current habits. Small steps accumulate into transformation.

Key Takeaway: Forget drastic changes - take baby steps towards healthier habits you can stick with long-term.

Fix #2: Focus on Habits

Diets fail because they tell you what to do, not how to make it habitual. Then you slide back into old routines.

Rather than forcing yourself into new behaviors, build healthy habits - automatic responses to daily cues.

Habits drive nearly half our daily choices. To create one:

  1. Identify a "key action" - a small piece of the larger habit.

  2. "Stack" your key action after an existing routine.

  3. Celebrate when you do it. Reward your brain.

Repeating this wires the habit into your neuropathways. I assign my clients new healthy habits every single week. What habit might you work on this week?

Key Takeaway: Build small healthy habits into your current routines. Celebrate success to train your brain.

Fix #3: Build a Healthy Mindset

Lasting outer improvement requires inner work first. Without mindset change, results won't stick.

Adopt a growth mentality:

  • Celebrate successes, move on quickly from slip-ups.

  • When you falter, investigate why with curiosity, not judgment.

  • Focus on progress, not pass/fail. You're improving if you're learning.

Key Takeaway: Your self-talk and beliefs directly impact your abilities. Practice self-compassion.

With these 3 fixes, you can make lasting improvements to your fitness and health. The key is easy, habitual actions and a growth mindset. What small step could you take today? Let me know in the comments!

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