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The 5 habits more important than exercise

When it comes to fitness, regular exercise is a super important habit. But we’re gonna let you in on a huge secret.

Wait for it…

There are other habits that are even more important. These habits will get you the results you’re looking for more quickly than exercise alone, which will help you make sure you don’t quit.

The problem is, most people think exercise is the end-all-be-all to getting what they want. It’s not (and that’s why they quit all the time).

The solution to feeling better about yourself, being healthy, having more energy, and better relationships is not taking a walk, doing a weightlifting routine, or going to the gym and getting sweaty with a bunch of people in sports bras and tank tops. (Don’t worry about them, they’re too into themselves to notice anyone else anyway.)

Now, before you go cancelling your gym membership or hosting a neighborhood home fitness equipment bonfire, please don’t misunderstand—exercise is an important piece in the puzzle of wellness.

And we love it. In fact, we train workout sessions in person and virtually every single day.

But to be ultimately successful in living your healthiest life now, there are other areas upon which you need to focus.

We’ve got those habits boiled down into 5 main categories (which we’ll relentlessly explore in future posts.) We call them the 5 Pillars of Fitness Within.

Wanna know what they are?

Here you go:

  1. Getting sufficient rest

  2. Mindfulness/using your brain intentionally

  3. Fueling your body with nutritious foods

  4. Staying well hydrated at all times

  5. Connecting with the others in meaningful ways

As trainers, we want to support you in becoming the whole package, and to pursue good health and wellness forever. So, we feel obligated to help you explore these 5 pillars in addition to training proper exercise.

And quite honestly, if one of these 5 pillars had gotten way out of balance for one of our clients, we would (kindly) kick them out of a training session (or at least spend some time having a deep coaching conversation) rather than give them a workout that day.

Seriously, if a client came in for a workout and told us they hadn’t slept the night before, we would send them home. If they were anxious and couldn’t focus because of a problem they were dealing with, we would change the plan. If they hadn’t eaten all day or had any water to drink, there’s no way we’d be putting them through an intense workout.

The 5 pillars are that important. Period.

The bottom line is, trying to get fit without addressing the 5 pillars will keep you from getting results and lead to frustration and eventually quitting.

So, as you approach fitness again, for the first time, or continue rocking along with your current routine, build on a rock-solid foundation.

Make darn sure you get focused on the 5 Pillars for Fitness Within:







Wanna get a jump start on creating some healthy habits? Check out our FREE workshop by clicking on the image below.

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