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The Big Secret to Self Care

Self care. This phrase has been thrown around a lot in recent years, and many look at it as doing a face mask or a bubble bath. And while we do not frown upon those activities in any way, self care in our eyes is an underrated form of health care. When we say this, we do NOT mean it as a replacement for seeing your healthcare provider. We see self care as making purposeful decisions that positively impact our mental and physical health and “fill our cup.”

While many see self care as “frivolous” or “overrated,” we see it as vital as basic hygiene, so that we can be our best selves not only for ourselves but for those we care about in our lives. On an airplane in a serious situation, you must put on your own oxygen mask before you help those around you. Use that as a guide in everyday life. If you cannot take quality care of yourself, how can you expect to make a meaningful impact on your loved ones, in the workplace, and beyond?

This season (quite literally) of life with the holidays coming up and all that is going on in the world can create a whole lot of stress. But let us tell you - it does not have to be that way. When you feel your best, you can put your best foot forward in everyday life and in stressful situations.

We ask that you take a look at how you view self care and turn the focus onto purposeful decisions that positively influence your mental and physical health. Ask yourself this series of questions to help you dial in on how you can begin a regular self care routine:

What fills your “cup?”

What brings you joy and keeps your mental health in check?

What is something positive + satisfying you would like to turn to in times of stress?

You may have a different answer for each question or the same for all. And that is okay! One activity may not suffice for a self care routine, but if you have not incorporated anything lately, one activity is a great starting point!

Here are a few self care ideas to get you started:

Lay down and listen to ambient sounds such as rain, waves, nature, etc.

Get outside and go for a walk or run.

Take time to stretch or do yoga.

Declutter an area of your living space.

The Secret to Self Care?

Self care looks different on everyone. But the single secret you need for self care? Make it a priority. Make it a non-negotiable. Just like brushing your teeth or eating a meal, make it important and necessary for you to do. That action of self care may look different each day or week, and it can vary depending on what you are feeling or what you need. For example, this week you may want to go for a walk outside, but next week there may be inclement weather and you may prefer to sip on a warm drink and read a book for fun. That is the beauty of self care! Some people need an act of self care each day, others each week, and others still a couple times per month! It may fit into the “nooks and crannies” of your life or it may be formally scheduled. Tailor it to your needs, fit it into your schedule, and you will find it more enjoyable and easier to incorporate into your life.

This notion of self care may sound simple. But as adults, parents, employees or employers, or any title taken on, we do not always prioritize ourselves. The majority of us put our families, our jobs, and our tasks ahead of our own needs and mental health. But you cannot pour from an empty cup. To be our best for others, we need to show up for ourselves everyday however we can.

The Takeaway?

So while we will not ask you to stop taking bubble baths or pampering yourself, take the time to seek out what makes you feel optimal. Make self care a non-negotiable, and you will likely transform into a better version of yourself for both those around you and for your own self.


Jessica Corkin is a certified personal trainer at Begin Within. She holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and has spent the last seven years working in the fitness and wellness industry. When she is not virtually training clients, she enjoys strength training, running, being outdoors, and spending quality time with her husband and dog.

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