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How to Stay On Track All Summer Long

Can you feel it? Summer is officially here, and boy, am I excited! Maybe because I live in Wisconsin, where winter seems to last forever. But finally, the weather is warming up, and it's time to embrace the summer vibes.

Now, let's talk about something important: health and fitness during this season. Trust me, I've spent years working as a personal trainer, and summer can be a real challenge. It's like everything gets put on hold, and we find ourselves starting over in September. It can be frustrating, right?

The thing is, summer is not your typical season. It disrupts our routines and throws us off track. Kids are home from school, vacations are planned, and there's an abundance of tempting food at backyard barbecues and parties. It's easy to deviate from our healthy habits and give in to the summer indulgences.

But fear not! I'm here to tell you that summer can actually be an opportunity for progress and growth. We don't have to press the pause button on our health journey. Instead of thinking of it as "getting back on track," let's focus on continuing to move forward throughout the summer, just like we always do. Right?

So, what are the key elements to ensure a healthy and active summer? Let's dive in!

First up, movement. We all know that regular exercise is vital for a healthy lifestyle, but during summer, it's easy to get distracted. The gym attendance drops, and our schedules fill up with other activities. However, that doesn't mean we should abandon movement altogether. Embrace the summer weather and go for walks, engage in outdoor activities, and simply have fun being active. And if you can't make it to the gym, no worries! There are plenty of simple at-home workouts you can do to keep your body moving.

Next, let's talk nutrition. Summertime can be a real test of willpower when it comes to food choices. With all the social gatherings and delicious treats around, it's tempting to throw caution to the wind. But instead of restricting yourself or labeling foods as "bad," focus on adding more healthy options to your plate. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy fresh produce, so make it a habit to visit farmers' markets and incorporate fruits and veggies into your meals. And remember, it's not about counting calories; it's about being mindful of your eating habits. Eat slowly, savor your meals, and pay attention to your body's signals of hunger and fullness.

Lastly, getting support is huge. Don't ditch it just because it's summertime. Seriously, this support thing is key. You need some kind of accountability and encouragement during these sunny months. So, find yourself a buddy, could be a friend or a family member, who you can rely on. Let them know what you're up to, maybe even ask for their help at that next backyard barbecue. It could be as simple as them keeping an eye on what you're eating, or using a secret code word, or just giving you a knowing smile. Whatever works, as long as it keeps you on track. Having someone to check in with along the way is so helpful. We humans thrive on social connections, and when others are aware of our goals and actually care about our progress, we tend to do better. So, here's the deal: find that family member, friend, or maybe even someone who shares your goals and will be working on them this summer too. Hold each other accountable and cheer each other on. Trust me, it's a game-changer.

So, let's make this summer the healthiest one yet! Embrace the opportunities for movement, enjoy the abundance of fresh produce, and stay consistent with your healthy habits. Remember, it's not about "getting back on track" but about continuing to make progress and growth throughout the season.

I hope you have a fantastic summer filled with health, happiness, and lots of sunshine. Cheers to staying "on track" and thriving during this wonderful time of the year!

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