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Mindful Eating: Holidays Edition

As humans, eating is both a cultural and necessary part of our lives. While we want to enjoy all there is to offer over the holidays, we also do not want to undo all of our hard work in our nutrition and overall wellness. It may seem daunting to take full control of our nutrition over the holidays, but it does not have to be stressful! Follow our mini guide below to determine whether you are hungry or wanting to eat, and then read on for our best 5 tips on eating mindfully over the holidays!

1. Drink a glass of water first. Often our “thirst cue” is perceived as hunger. Be sure you are well hydrated before eating meals and snacks. If you are still feeling that hunger cue, go ahead and eat!

2. Lay your fork down between bites. Think about the texture, the taste, and the experience of eating as you consume each bite. Make eating more into an experience as opposed to something mindless. You will enjoy it more this way, and likely will not overeat.

3. Make half of your plate veggies! We are certainly not saying you cannot indulge over the holidays and have to skip out on all of the festive traditions. But trying to eat a half plate of vegetables will ensure you are still getting the vital nutrients you need while still enjoying your meal. Then you can add in an indulgence or two on the side!

4. If attending a gathering or meal is stressing you out due to the unknown of whether there will be some nutritious options, offer to bring a dish to pass. That way, you have some control over what you will be encountering.

5. Enjoy yourself! One indulgent meal will not derail your progress, just like one nutritious meal will not completely change your life. Indulge in the way you best see fit, then get back on track with your next meal. You can do this!

Which tip did you find most helpful? Sound off in the comments or send us a message!


Jessica Corkin is a certified personal trainer at Begin Within. She holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and has spent the last seven years working in the fitness and wellness industry. When she is not virtually training clients, she enjoys strength training, running, being outdoors, and spending quality time with her husband and dog.

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