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October Client Spotlight

Name: Jason Dedering

Please tell us a little about yourself and what drew you to virtual training/coaching.

I’m a husband, dad, and traveling professional. Balance in life has always been a key focus, but, as initiatives compounded it became harder focus within. As my overall physical fitness

continued to decline, I was aware that I didn’t appreciate my visual appearance, but wasn’t

willing to make a change. Inevitably I realized it my lack of fitness had effected my mood so

much, that my family life was turning negative. One of the hardest steps was reaching out to

start the conversation. I reached out to a previous trainer that I hold in high-regard, Nate Sleger, knowing I had trusted him with my fitness in the past. With some luck, Begin Within was developing a program that is customized not only to my fitness level, but more importantly to my random travel schedule.

What do you do when you're not virtually training with Begin Within?

Life has become simple but challenging. Family life and work life overlap constantly; each a

key focus in my life. When I’m not engrossed in one, it’s the other. Historically, I like to run,

working on getting back into that hobby. Date night, though rare, is my favorite interest/hobby. Wine has forever been a hobby. One last guiding principle has been philanthropy.

Tell us about your time with us, your goals, and results you have experienced so far.

I’ve been training with Begin Within for 8 weeks. Roughly half my workouts are at home, with

the other half on the road in a hotel gym. Results have been very positive. My overall muscle

continues to improve, my confidence it up significantly, and I’m ready for more. Though I have a weight goal in mind, my initial focus has been more routine workouts than diet. Soon, I plan to incorporate both.

What is one thing you have done since starting with us that you never thought you could do?

Nearly every day I feel like I don’t have enough time to accomplish all goals. For years,

working out has always taken a back-seat to nearly any other priority. Since I joined Begin

Within, my workouts force a break. Nearly every session would have been avoided or postponed due to daily work or life tasks. Forcing myself to join my excellent trainer, Jessica Corkin, for every session has been a huge win. She’s great.

What is your favorite part about working with us?

Accountability. When I know Jessica is waiting on the other side of the phone at any given

session, it’s not just my time, it’s ours. Time is important and this training has allowed me to

prioritize fitness once again.

What is something on your "bucket list" - fitness or non-fitness related?

Marathon, and/or winning the lottery.

What would your advice be to somebody who is nervous about virtual training and/or nutrition services with Begin Within?

I was never nervous about the training, this group does an excellent job understanding the fitness level of each person and adjusting as needed. The advice I have is simple, start the process. Your body will soon feel better, confidence will improve, and a happier ‘You’ will be the outcome. If you have a question, concern, or hesitation…call me.

Some added comments from Coach Jessica: Jason, you have improved in several areas over the past 8 or so weeks and I am one proud trainer! Your dedication to getting in your workouts, whether on the road in a hotel gym or at home, is commendable. I also want to note publicly that you ran a 10k race a few weeks into our training together with negative splits - way to go! Keep up the great work and I know you will continue to reach those goals!


Ready to get started on your own journey with virtual semi-private training? Email Coach Jessica at to learn more!

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